Full-Service Geotechnical Materials Testing Laboratory

Build confidently knowing our in-house lab will back you up! Crews across Kansas City rely on AOG’s construction materials testing lab to make sure their work is exactly right. Our lab supervisor, Tom Burdick, is an expert in local soil and rock materials and is often a lifeline for architects and contractors. His experience puts him in an elite class of trusted scientists. For Tom, excellence sets the bar.

Materials Testing

We’re obsessive about making sure materials match specifications perfectly. Our partners know they can count on our calculations and trust us to confirm their essential materials are precisely mixed to meet the need.

Soil Testing 

The quality and condition of soil can either unlock your project’s potential, or raise risks. Our soil tests provide extensive details about the land you want to build on, and can also pinpoint capacity, whether your purpose is standard or specialized. We’re known for reliable results so you can move forward without worry.

Soil Testing Services

  • California Bearing Ratio (CBR)
  • Characteristics of soil
  • Compressibility and Consolidation
  • Determination of shear strength: Unconfined and Triaxial compression, and Direct Shear
  • Electrical resistivity (lab and field surveys)
  • Falling Head and Constant Head permeability testing
  • Grain-size distribution & Atterberg limits
  • Routine and index testing of physical properties of soil, aggregate, and rock
  • Swelling characteristics of clay soils

Soil Analysis Partners

  • Asphalt Mix Design Verification, Marshall Methods
  • California Bearing Ratio (CBR, ASTM D1883)
  • Compressibility and Consolidation characteristics of Soil (ASTM D2435)
  • Direct and Residual Shear (ASTM D3080)
  • Grain-Size Analysis (ASTM D422) and Atterberg limits (ASTM D4318)
  • Hydraulic Conductivity / Permeability of Soils (including Falling Head Permeability, ASTM D5084)
  • Standard / Modified Proctors (ASTM D698/D1557)
  • Triaxial Shear Compression – CU, CU-bar, CD (ASTM D2850/D4767)

Aggregate Analysis

  • Clay lumps and friable particles in aggregate (ASTM C142 / KT-7)
  • Freeze-thaw resistance of aggregates
  • LA Abrasion of aggregates
  • Lightweight particles and chert (ASTM C123)
  • Sand equivalent test (AASHTO T176)
  • Shale and shale-like particles (KDOT KT-8)
  • Slake durability of shale (ASTM D4644)
  • Soundness of aggregate, NA or Mg sulfate (ASTM C88)
  • Specific gravity and absorption of aggregates

Concrete Analysis

  • Aggregate Soundness – Na or Mg (ASTM C88)
  • Alkali reactivity mortar bar (ASTM C227/1260)
  • ASR Testing (ASTM C227/C1260)
  • Chloride content – concrete or aggregates (AASHTO T260)>
  • Chloride Ion Content Concrete / Aggregate (AASHTO T260)
  • Compressive strength of concrete test cylinders (ASTM C39)
  • Compressive strength of mortar, grout and masonry materials – including full height prism strength testing
  • Concrete coring and cutting (ASTM C42)
  • Concrete Maturity development and testing (field and laboratory)
  • Concrete Mix Designs and Trial Batches
  • Flexural strength of concrete beams (ASTM C78)
  • Freeze-thaw resistance of concrete
  • LA Abrasion Testing (ASTM C131)
  • Length Change of Concrete (ASTM C157)
  • Length change of hardened mortar and concrete (ASTM C157)
  • Mix Designs
  • Modified alkali reactivity (Pyrex glass)(ASTM C595/227/1260)
  • Mortar flow table (ASTM C109)
  • Rock cores: Splitting tensile strength (ASTM C3967), Unconfined compressive strength (ASTM D2938)
  • Specific Gravity / Absorption (ASTM C127/C128)
  • Time of set – cement, Vicat needle (ASTM C191
  • Time of set – concrete, penetration resistance (ASTM C403)
  • Trial Batches
  • Water retention of mortar (ASTM C91)

Asphalt Analysis

  • Asphalt content – Ignition oven (KDOT KT-57)
  • Asphalt content – Solvent method (ASTM D2172)
  • Gradation of aggregates
  • Marshall density (ASTM D2726)
  • Marshall mix design verification (ASTM D1559)
  • Maximum theoretical specific gravity (ASTM D2041)
  • Stability and flow

Need soil or materials testing services? Call our Lab! 

Tom Burdick, Laboratory Manager
Direct Dial: 913-717-4084