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Our Leadership Team.

Allan Bush ALLAN BUSH, P.E.
Direct Dial: 913-717-4081

With over 29 years of geotechnical engineering experience, Allan Bush has deep insight into the inner workings of soil and land in the Kansas City area. Alpha-Omega has been Allan’s home from the beginning – his first resume out of college, his first interview, first job, and after proving his capabilities, he became the president and a first-time business owner over 25 years ago.

In succession of the former founder and KU professor, Allan continues to inspire organizational learning and innovation – always looking for the opportunity to empower the new generation of geotechnical engineers with the older generation’s experience. Allan has an eye for perfection and cares deeply about the future of Kansas City.

Inspired by: Abraham Lincoln and his ability to empathize with all sides in a debate.
Favorite thing to do in Kansas City: Find a nice restaurant, explore local art, or just go for a drive.
Really enjoys: A good cigar

American College of Forensic Examiners (ACFE), Diplomate American Concrete Institute (ACI), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Deep Foundations Institute (DFI), International Code Council (ICC), American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), American Welding Society (AWS), American Public Works Association (APWA), National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA KC)

Grade 1 Licensed Professional Engineer KS, MO, OK, Certified ICC Special Inspector for Structural Steel and Welding, Certified ICC Special Inspector for Structural Masonry, Certified ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician, Certified OSHA Hazardous Waste Site Operations

General Manager / Business Development
Direct Dial: 913-717-4080

Blake Bennett started his career in concrete sales back in 1989. With an inquisitive mind and first-rate workmanship, he quickly became the industry go-to for all materials inspections and mix designs. After his investigative role in the rebuild of the KCPL Hawthorn Power Plant after the explosion of 1999, Blake adopted the nickname ‘Concrete Guru.’ AOG’s CEO Allan Bush witnessed his creative, hands-on troubleshooting skills and knew it was meant to be – a professional tenure now going on 23 years.

Blake’s visionary allure and hand craftsmanship fuel his consultancy appeal, allowing the fulfillment of needs customers may not even know they have. Blake, known to be a straight talker, may be visionary but prefers things simple and desires to exploit resources for simplified delivery versus complicating for hollow value. Blake is a true team player – in every project with you and for you.

Inspired by: Integrity shown by America’s founding fathers when they risked everything to take a stand.
Favorite thing to do in Kansas City: Grab some good barbecue and a round of golf.
Really enjoys: Earning the title “World’s Greatest (Grand) Dad” and the trophy at home that goes with it.

Concrete Promotional Group (CPG), American Concrete Pavers Association (ACP), National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA)

Grade 1 Certified ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician

Garic AbendrothGaric Abendroth, P.E.
Engineering Department Manager
Direct Dial: 913-717-4082

Garic Abendroth was introduced to the construction field early on as an apprentice in a family run construction company. His Civil Engineering degree from Kansas State University brings him the cumulative knowledge that intersects soil and structure – the cornerstone of serviceability. Having full-cycle awareness allows Garic to remedy the unexpected and drive collaboration across construction processes. He is not wired to sit-back-and-wait; he brings a practical diversity that delivers quality and confidence even amidst the unpredictability of subsurface terrains. His proactivity and contagious energy are what sets Garic apart and his passions are as diverse as his skill-set.

Inspired by: The sacrifice and humility that define Vietnam War veterans.
Favorite thing to do in Kansas City: Relax at a rooftop bar & grill.
Really enjoys: Motorcycle riding and listening to live, local music.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Professional Engineer, the States of Kansas and Missouri MSHA 24-hour Miner Training OSHA 10-hour Safety Training Certification, Confined Space Entry Training, First Aid/CPR Certified

Tom BurdickTom Burdick
Laboratory Manager
Direct Dial: 913-717-4084

Tom Burdick is an AOG patriarch with a tenure spanning over 25 years. A part-timer turned lifer, Tom started his career as a protégé of AOG’s founding lab manager and has been a part of our family ever since. Tom is a business catalyst, directing all data efforts across service lines and business processes. His advanced testing capabilities and the depth of his Kansas City soil and material insight makes him a local expert – a game changer for AOG’s engineering performance and a lifeline for contracting firms with advanced lab services needs. For Tom, excellence sets the bar.

Inspired by: Winston Churchill’s ability to motivate despite difficult circumstances.
Favorite thing to do in Kansas City: Squeezing in a little time for golf.
Really enjoys: Life at home with family and time spent with AOG colleagues.

Triaxial Compression (UU, CU, CU-bar), Direct Shear Falling and Constant head permeability testing, California Bearing Ratio Standard and Modified Proctor (moisture/density relationships), Atterberg Limits, Grain-size Analyses Power Generation, By-Products of fly ash, bottom ash, etc.

MSHA 24-hour Miner Training OSHA 10-hour Safety Training Confined Space Entry First Aid/CPR Certified

Tracy Welhoff
Operations / Field Services Manager
Direct Dial: 913-717-4091

Tracy Welhoff began his career in Geotechnical Engineering and Special Inspection services over 20 years ago with AOG. Tracy holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, MO. Tracy provides a wide array of Special Inspection and construction materials testing services at power plants, on road and bridge projects, multi-story buildings and parking garages, tilt-up warehouses and upper tier residential projects.

As Field Services Manager, Tracy manages, schedules and coordinates personnel across multiple projects concurrently. Tracy is also experienced in managing drilling and field logistics for Geotechnical Engineering investigations while serving as a liaison between the engineering staff, drilling personnel, and clients.

Inspired by: Henry Winkler’s determination to succeed as a television actor despite learning disabilities.
Favorite thing to do in Kansas City: Watch the Royals at Kauffman Stadium with family.
Really enjoys: Gardening, cooking and a serious game of poker.

Concrete testing, Compaction testing, Rebar inspection, Footing inspection, Deep Foundation inspection including Drilled Shafts, Auger-Cast piles and Micropiles, Ground Improvement including Geopier Rammed Aggregate Piers and Stone Columns, Post-Tensioned Concrete inspection, Visual Weld/Bolt inspection, Masonry inspection, and other Specialty inspections

ICC Soils Special Inspector, ICC Reinforced Concrete Inspector, PTI (Post-Tension Institute) Level II Inspector, American Concrete Institute (ACI) Level I Field Testing Technician

Steve Usnick, P.E.
Field and Laboratory Services Engineer
Direct Dial: 913-717-4090

Steve Usnick’s career in engineering is rooted in the love of science. The University of Missouri-Kansas City Civil Engineering graduate is known for his persistence in solving problems in the field to keep projects on track and within budget. His relationship with AOG dates back to 1993.

Steve is the kind of professional clients depend on. His ability to tune into particular concerns and quickly create solutions keeps projects moving forward. He thrives on finding new challenges every day and a wide spectrum of responsibilities keeps his work interesting. For Steve, nothing satisfies like a job well done. He takes particular pride in his work in the design and inspections related to the deep foundation at the Muehlebach Hotel and the KCPL Hawthorne Power Plant rebuild.

Inspired by: The work the ASPCA does to rescue abandoned and abused animals.
Favorite thing to do in Kansas City: Go camping with my wife and our dogs.
Really enjoys: Finger-style guitar playing and amateur astronomy.

Designing subsurface investigations, assigning laboratory sample testing regimes, analyzing laboratory test results and submitting client reports with recommendations, proposal development and project cost estimations.

Extensive field engineering experience including on-site troubleshooting, communicating drilling instructions, observation of earthwork, subgrade stabilization, paving operations, concrete construction, and special inspections.

Registered Professional Engineer KS, MO

Chuck Valenta
Field Exploration Manager
Direct dial: 913-717-4083

Chuck Valenta brings an extensive resume to AOG including many years of consulting work and experience as a Heavy Equipment Operator in the U.S. Army Engineer Corps. At AOG, the U.S. Army veteran is known for his understanding of drilling and identifying requirements under a variety of circumstances.

Chuck excels at working through problems with scheduling field work, accessing difficult sites and drilling under unique conditions. His career has included nuclear power plant projects, highway and bridge projects, and expansive projects involving the coordination of logistics across multiple states. Day-to-day, Chuck enjoys passing along his knowledge to field crews, ensuring the education of the next generation of professionals.

Inspired by: My grandfather, who taught me the meaning of hard work and dedication.
Favorite thing to do in Kansas City: Play basketball.
Really enjoys: Spending time with grandchildren.

Field exploration (drilling), drilling safety, field operations management and field sampling support.

National Drilling Association Board Member and Safety Committee Chair

Tiffanie Green
Business Office Manager
Direct dial: 913 717 4085





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