Field Services Director
Direct: 785-979-8039

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Licensed Professional Geologist
Environmental Professional
ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician – Grade I
ICC Soils Special Inspector
ICC Masonry Special Inspector
ICC Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector
ICC Spray Applied Fireproofing Special Inspector

Inspired by:
My father — a first-generation American and longtime Air Force Officer who’s always demonstrated how hard work and quick thinking can solve problems.

Really enjoys:
Competitive disc golf and bouldering.

Favorite thing to do in KC:
Dancing to any kind of live music, from funk and punk to bluegrass.

Giving back:
Participation in Urban Core, a non-profit focused on promoting development of Kansas City’s core and the uplifting impact of safe, dense, and walkable communities.

If conditions get difficult or surprises pop up, you want Spencer in your corner. He’s quick to jump in, figure out a solution, and get it done. Experience in geotechnical and construction materials testing, as well as environmental assessments, gives him a broad view in the search for what works. His sharp understanding of each step in a construction timeline makes him a pro at keeping work on track.

Spencer brings instincts, talent, and skill that projects need. He’s focused on cutting through red tape and making progress, even when it comes to navigating municipal, state, and federal bureaucracies. He thrives on simplifying the complex, streamlining the complicated, and preempting problems before they have a chance to evolve. Enthusiasm for tightening up processes and uncovering efficiencies — that’s what makes Spencer tick as our Field Services Director. And as project partners will tell you, it’s also what sets him apart.