Soil workability to accommodate transient loads

AOG maximizes soil workability to accommodate transient loads where serviceability limits are more directly tied to economy and quality of ride. With Kansas City’s moist soils and their affinity for premature pavement distress, subgrade stabilization is a priority concern. With proximal access to flyash and granular subbase materials like recycled pavement, AOG incorporates green alternatives that bring reliability and design economy across construction processes.



FedEx Terminal Expansion, Bonner Springs, Kansas FedEx sought to expand terminal services in western Kansas City, Kansas. Given the subprime land positioning with soft marshy soil conditions, pre-construction remediation was required to ensure functionality and long-term viability of the area. AOG provided full-cycle geotechnical drilling, engineering and field support, including Nuclear Densometer and proof-roll compaction testing of sub-grade and paving materials.

Leavenworth County Bridge HP-52 – Leavenworth County, Kansas To accommodate width expansion of surrounding roadways along with critical structure fatigue, the county underwent an HP-52 bridge replacement over Little Stranger Creek. AOG was selected as part of a multi-player response to provide early-construction drilling and engineering, along with mid-construction material testing and special inspections during roadbed construction and roadway/approach slab replacement.

Swift Transportation, Edwardsville, Kansas In an effort to expand existing parking and freight storage at the Edwardsville facility, Swift owner commissioned AOG to assist Swift’s corporate engineering with this multi-phase construction effort. From early-construction design, using AOG’s CME55 high-torque drill rig to troubleshoot groundwater challenges, to mid-construction engineering and field support, this pavement solution is still in effect after 10+ years of service.