Brian Robben has hit the ground running at Alpha-Omega Geotech and we couldn’t be happier to have him on our team. Our firm is known for our hand-picked staff of seasoned pros and Robben fits in perfectly with his long history of terrific work and solid relationships.

“I really enjoy connecting with people to get things done and I’m right at home at AOG,” says Robben. “I’m proud to be a member of such a strong team. It feels great to work with professionals who are devoted to doing things right and have years of experience to back it up.”

As an AOG Engineering Project Manager, Robben brings a wide collection of skills and interests to the table for clients. He’s both a senior engineer and a registered geologist with all of the technical knowledge and expertise that goes with an exceptionally long resume. He’s a pro at everything from geotechnical engineering, reporting, and proposal writing to guiding progress at job sites, coordinating field testing, laboratory oversight, and understanding how each piece fits into a project’s big picture. On top of all that, he’s also a natural at business development and client relations.

“Sales just come easy for me. I love it,” says Robben with unmistakable enthusiasm in his voice. “I’m all about meeting new people and jumping in to solve their problems. I think I enjoy it so much because I know I can help. It’s just a matter of understanding the problem.”

A track record winding through a huge variety of projects from muddy work in the field to the highest levels of negotiation has exposed Robben to nearly every corner of the construction industry. He knows many people and understands the spectrum of roles and disciplines required to build success. And he has a toolbox full of solutions at his disposal. “I’ll nail down whatever you need and see it through. I take the responsibility very seriously.”

Robben is already seen by AOG partners and clients as a ‘go-to’ guy because he knows how to jump-start a project and then carefully guide it to completion. As AOG grows and extends our influence deeper into the construction industry, Robben is exactly the kind of project point person that gives AOG President Allan Bush confidence.

“Brian is the fourth licensed professional engineer to join our team and you can tell he’s excited about having everything he needs to deliver great work,” says Bush. “He’s surrounded by a strong and very tenured group of industry experts and supported by extraordinary laboratory and drilling capabilities. We’re achieving so much as a team right now and he’s going to make us even stronger – from geotechnical engineering all the way through complex special inspections for projects across the board.”

Connecting the Dots.

When you’re bouncing between science and sales throughout the day, there’s rarely a dull moment and that’s how Brian Robben likes it. He’s connecting with clients, working through proposals and processes, huddling with AOG staff, checking in at the lab, and focusing directly on deliverables. Robben says clients have two main priorities and everything he does is tied to them.

“Cost and speed. Clients want to know the price tag and how quickly you can deliver. Time is money and money is time. This isn’t a business where you can put something on the calendar when it’s convenient. You’ve got to get out there. Get to that meeting or that job site. Service, service, service. It’s incredibly valuable. I naturally see it from the client’s perspective. I ‘get it’ and they know it.”

Robben says what AOG offers is extremely important in the construction equation. He’s been exposed to many geotech firms over the years and finds AOG special in its robust capabilities, tenure, and expertise. “AOG sells itself,” says Robben. “It’s just a matter of getting into the right conversations and connecting the dots for clients. I can really help with that.”

When it comes to pitching AOG to prospects who don’t know us, Robben feels like he’s got a full toolbox that lets him get right to the point. “Our team has a great reputation, we own our own drilling rigs, offer a competitive price, and know exactly what we’re doing with inspections, every step of the way. All I need to do is configure our people and resources to match the need and deliver our best work.”

Many geotech firms have strong leadership but are weak in areas that really undercut their value in a project. They might have limited expertise, inexperienced field technicians, or gaps in lab services that raise questions about trust and performance. But Robben says AOG is rock solid from top to bottom and makes even national firms nervous because we’re buttoned-up and competitive with pricing at the same time.

“That’s a hard combination to beat. Another guy might be a little cheaper, but let’s look at this the right way. AOG is always going to be competitive on price, but the difference is you’ll be confident that you’re going to like what you see when we get your project out of the ground.”

Quality work, competitive pricing, and an ability to roll with tight timelines. Robben says it’s no surprise AOG’s star is rising. “Owners are rush, rush rush. When are my footings going to be done? When will I see walls and steel? We speak that language, we don’t argue with it.”

A High-Powered Professional Finds His Place.

Robben is no stranger to huge projects and big expectations. He’s left his mark across the Midwest in over 10 states, working with major players through all of the high-level discussions, problem-solving, and planning that bring complex, large-scale endeavors to life. He’s helped with aviation projects, nuclear power plants, commercial mid-rise, entertainment venues, landfills, major transportation projects, the list goes on and on. “I think I’ve done pretty much everything but heavy tunneling. In many situations, I was the Engineer of Record.”

One of those situations was the start of the massive modernization of Kansas City International Airport, a project Robben regards as the largest he’s ever done and just one of many he’s worked on in the Kansas City area. When you have this much experience, you have some choice about where you work and that’s what put Robben on a path to AOG.

“Oh, there’s just such great history and a great track record. And you know, when you’ve been around the block a few times, you really get to know who’s running a good ship and knows how to do things right. That’s AOG.”

Robben likes how our extensive, local experience delivers additional value to clients. “We know the local soil and rock, and what can be done with it. As a geologist, I really understand the value of how predictable conditions can be in the Kansas City area, unlike other areas I’ve worked in. I can often anticipate what to expect from existing soils at a job site, and that helps me get clients going faster.”

And if we’re thrown a curveball and need to get creative with a solution, Robben likes knowing we can do it without making our clients and partners uncomfortable. “We’re known for finding different ways to achieve goals with normal construction methods rather than resorting to special strategies and all of the costs that go with them. We take pride in doing more with what we have to work with at a site and that’s only possible after many years of experience.”

Many years of experience are what pointed Robben toward AOG and the opportunity our firm now offers him. It’s the right place and the right time for a seasoned expert looking for a meaningful way to impact the industry he loves. And it’s enough to make the commute from his home in Columbia, Missouri well worth it.

“There’s nothing like kicking back with good food and a cold beverage at Trezo Mare on the patio at Briarcliff,” says Robben. “I’m a fan of Garozzo’s too, which is likely the best Italian food in KC. You’ll also find me on the spring-fed rivers of the Ozarks. I just love the whole region and exploring it is the best way to meet great people.”

Have a project coming up or questions about how AOG can make a difference as a construction partner? Give Brian Robben a call at 314-459-6785.