Alpha-Omega Geotech was born in 1982, in the mind of an esteemed professor with a heart for finding better answers in Kansas City’s soil. Geotechnical Engineering in the area was different back then, applied mainly as an afterthought, and typically tucked away inside big firms as just another capability. But Dr. Roy J. Leonard Ph.D., P.E., R.G. imagined a more meaningful role for geotechs inspired to dig deeper to elevate their craft and their community.

Dr. Leonard believed that unlocking construction of Kansas City’s true potential was about engineering the best overall solutions, not just the easiest or the most conservative.

He anchored his vision for AOG in a commitment to fully understanding each project’s needs and goals, and then customizing a match efficiently aligned with everything from subgrade conditions and available resources to budgets and timelines. And he knew the only way to make it happen was through close collaboration, painstaking practice, and an extraordinary dedication to first-hand experience working in local soils.


Dr. Roy J. Leonard Ph.D., P.E., R.G. founded Alpha-Omega Geotech.

AOG was seeded as a forward-thinking culture with a singular focus on Kansas City, and that idea grew into the cornerstone of our mission.

We became more than bosses and workers. We evolved into mentors and practitioners bonded by a shared love of discovery and a drive to forge the land into opportunities for our community. We embraced innovation and emerging technologies with enthusiasm, and put a stake in the ground for the kind of service every handshake deserves. Most importantly, we delivered valuable, intelligent solutions firmly rooted in common sense.

When Dr. Leonard passed the firm to his protege, Allan Bush P.E., in 1999, all the values, principles, and purist passions that set AOG apart fell into good hands with the best intentions.

Bush presided over AOG’s exploration of its full potential as a business, positioning the firm with the right people, resources, and guidance to leave an indelible mark on a sweeping array of transformative projects all over Kansas City. AOG has matured under Bush’s leadership, but maintains a steadfast commitment to its founder’s vision and focus.

Dr. Leonard passed the firm to AOG President and CEO Allan Bush.

Today, AOG is widely recognized as Kansas City’s hometown geotech firm, contributing well-grounded expertise and a high level of strategic engineering that only comes from a long relationship with local soils, builders, and civic leaders.

Our field testing, dating back to our earliest days, has grown into a Special Inspections portfolio that contractors depend on both below and above ground. We know concrete and other aggregates like we’ve always known soil. And our original in-house Laboratory — one of the first ever in Kansas City — remains a treasured symbol of our pride as scientists.

Our partners have always been our neighbors. We stick with them through thick and thin until the job is done, with easy, straightforward collaboration that’s a hallmark of the way we work. Rock-solid results put a fine point on everything we do, and they’re confidently delivered by some of the most seasoned construction veterans around. The distinct talents of our people continue to be the soul of our company.

Alpha-Omega Geotech operates differently than those who try to emulate us.

We’re naturals at working smarter, with the added advantage of hard-earned gut instincts that just can’t be copied. We flex our abilities to rise to the toughest challenges, and we thrive on solving the most complicated problems, but we never claim to be anything more than what we’ve always been: the best damn geotechs in Kansas City.

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“We know what works because we’ve likely faced the challenge before. And we know what doesn’t work because we’ve seen others try it and fail.”           — Blake Bennett, Business Director, Alpha-Omega Geotech

Quick Facts

• Alpha-Omega Geotech operates one of the oldest and most acclaimed soil and concrete testing laboratories in the Kansas City region

• Our team has decades of forensic subsurface experience working with just about every kind of soil and rock material found in Kansas and Missouri

• We are specialists in evaluating complex sites, difficult terrains, and unpredictable conditions

President Allan Bush highlights the value of partnering with AOG at the 2023 KC American Subcontractors Association Awards.


Bush shows a simple schematic example of a pressure meter, an essential tool for electric utility geotech work.
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