Get out of the ground safely, efficiently, on-time, and on-budget with the help of geotechnical experts trusted by Kansas City area planners, designers, and builders.


Experienced subgrade investigations for better-informed foundation strategies
Rapid and reliable testing to ensure quality built to specification
Proactive, collaborative focus on cost and time saving solutions throughout construction

Alpha-Omega Geotech is a seasoned group of geotechnical engineers and technicians with extensive local knowledge of ground conditions in Kansas and Missouri. We partner with landowners, real estate developers, architects, general contractors, civil and structural engineers, municipalities and school districts for projects built on public and private land. READ OUR STORY >>

Drill into the Advantage of Local Expertise

Clay, unpredictable groundwater, varying bedrock depths, changing erosion patterns, brownfields — the list of complicated factors below the surface in Kansas City is long, and we’ve been studying it for over 40 years.

We build our careers in soils specific to your project site and that gives us a stronger grasp of what’s there, how it works, and what it can do to help achieve your specific project goals. Better informed assessments of build sites can mean better site selection and more efficient foundation strategies that minimize risks and ensure better project outcomes.

Allan Bush Alpha-Omega Geotech Kansas City.

Streamline and Nail Critical Code Compliance

You’ll also want our help navigating rigid, local requirements. Greater Kansas City is a mesh of many communities. All of them come with their own building codes, construction rules, permitting processes, and Special Inspections mandates.

States, counties, municipalities, Levee Districts, the Army Corps of Engineers, and other construction-related entities can shake up projects and hold up schedules if their requirements are not satisfied in the right way at the right times. We know how it works, and that’s a key advantage for ensuring compliance and better project coordination.

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Choose Efficiency With Our Acclaimed Geotechnical Construction Materials Testing Laboratory

Alpha-Omega Geotech operates one of the oldest and most acclaimed soil and concrete testing laboratories in the Greater Kansas City region. Our scientists offer decades of unrivaled experience and a well-known reputation for responsiveness.

An in-house Lab streamlines project work even more, and it’s another powerful example of how we’re built for better efficiency and more cost-effective relationships without sacrificing quality.

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Bush shows a simple schematic example of a pressure meter, an essential tool for electric utility geotech work.
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