Key Points:

  • Field technicians enjoy being outdoors
  • Attention to detail is a strength
  • Thrive on proactive problem solving
  • Collaborative spirit comes naturally

Do you gravitate to fresh air and sunshine? Find satisfaction in a job well done, where every detail counts? Motivated by team achievement? If we’re speaking your language, you might be a perfect fit for a career as a geotechnical engineering field technician. Here’s a basic checklist to compare your own nature with the nature of the job:

√ Love the Outdoors

Don’t expect much time at the office. Field technicians spend most of their time at construction sites. You’ve got to love working of outdoors, digging in the soil, collecting samples, taking measurements, performing site inspections, and ensuring construction projects are built to specifications. You’ll work in many kinds of weather to keep projects on schedule, and you’ll look forward to getting the job done despite challenging conditions.


√ Eagle Eye for Detail

Painstaking accuracy and exact measurements makes you tick. This kind of role requires a laser focus on detail. Keen observations, accuracy in measurements, and meticulous record keeping are essential. You’ll think of yourself as a field detective, piecing together geological and materials puzzles to ensure safe and stable structures.


√ Proactive Problem Solver

You shouldn’t expect day-after-day of predictable business as usual. The unexpected can happen on a construction site. Do you thrive in situations that demand quick thinking and problem-solving? Field technicians are proactive go-getters, identifying potential issues and collaborating with engineers and other technicians to find solutions on the fly.


√ Engaged Team Player

Finally, teamwork is paramount, especially at Alpha-Omega Geotech. That’s a big part of our reputation going back over 40 years. Our success hinges on clear communication and a collaborative spirit. We’re a tight-knit team, and fostering strong relationships with colleagues ensures a smooth workflow and a positive work environment.

So, sound like you? if you’re an outdoors enthusiast with a meticulous mind, a knack for problem-solving, and a collaborative spirit, then a career as a geotechnical engineering technician might be your perfect match. Check the Careers page of our website to learn more, or just shoot us an email.