Partnering with experts that understand Kansas City area soils gives peace of mind

All professional geotechnical engineers are familiar with soils they work in, but there’s a valuable, additional advantage in partnering with engineers who build their careers in soils specific to your project site. Local engineers develop a deeper understanding, from testing real world limits and possibilities, to learning from changes observed first-hand over time.

Clay, groundwater, varying bedrock depths, erosion patterns, brownfields — the complicated list of interdependent factors underground in Kansas City is long. Local engineers have a strong grasp of what’s there, how it works, and what it can do to help achieve your specific project goals. Better informed assessments of build sites can translate to better site selection and more efficient foundation strategies that minimize risks and ensure better project outcomes.


AOG has extensive experience working in sensitive areas and complicated ground conditions specific to the Kansas City area.

Owners and developers can depend on our knowledge of local regulations and permitting processes.

Greater Kansas City is a mesh of many communities. All of them come with their own building codes, construction rules, permitting processes, and inspection mandates. States, counties, municipalities, Levee Districts, the Army Corps of Engineers, and other construction-related entities can shake up projects and hold up schedules if their requirements are not satisfied in the right way at the right times.

A local geotechnical engineering partner with an extensive track record in the area can anticipate requirements before they become a problem, ensuring compliance and better project coordination. Sustained relationships with local officials make a big difference, too. Partnering with a local firm from the start not only eliminates unnecessary curveballs during construction, it can also boost trust and confidence in a project, in the eyes of local officials.


A geotech partner with experienced understanding of local building codes and other requirements offers added value.

Streamlined communication and schedules are a top priority

Working with AOG comes without the confusion, delays, and misunderstandings that can result from partnering with a spread out national firm. AOG’s experts are all right here in the community where you’re building. We’re not scattered over a huge territory, fielding communications from multiple partners in different time zones. Our team is more accessible and responsive because we live and work in the same geographical area we serve.

Our communications are faster and more direct to help avoid delays that pressure schedules. We can be on-site quickly to collaborate, solve problems, and manage the unexpected without sacrificing a project’s momentum. From the prompt, precise results delivered by our in-house Laboratory, to the in-person presence of our geotechnical experts in the field, we take pride in being there when you need us. It’s a clear advantage over slow responses from a partner tied up in a different part of the country.

Direct and often in-person communication tightens-up project coordination.

We provide a more cost-effective relationship.

Working with AOG means not having to put up with high dollar travel expenses and other layers of overhead that come with national partners who must dispatch workers and resources from other regions. We’re built to naturally offer a more cost-effective relationship with construction teams developing projects in our own backyard.

We also tend to have a good grip on available local resources ranging from fill material to structural components. In addition, we can give perspective on local market prices for various materials and services. All of it can streamline pricing and boost the potential of lowering the overall costs of your project.

A feel for the cost and availability of key resources is a plus.