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Our special inspections team works on-site to obtain information about your property’s subsurface conditions. We frequently measure the thermal resistivity of soils or backfill materials required for underground transmission lines, oil and gas pipelines, radioactive waste disposal, and solar thermal storage facilities. We monitor materials and workmanship and ensure compliance with approved plans, specs, building codes, ordinances, and more.

Special Inspections and Field Services

  • Batch plant inspection
  • Compaction of structural fill, lift-by-lift (Nuclear Density Gauge, GeoGauge)
  • Concrete coring and cutting
  • Concrete placement and sampling
  • Electrical resistivity surveys
  • Floor flatness testing (FF and FL)
  • High-strength bolting
  • Reinforcing steel placement inspection
  • Sampling and testing of fresh or hardened concrete
  • Special Inspections per the International Building Code (IBC), Chapter 17, “Special Inspections and Tests”
  • Spray-applied fireproofing
  • Structural masonry inspections
  • Structural steel and welding inspections
  • Swiss hammer rebound testing (ASTM C805)
  • Thickness verification
  • Vapor emission through hardened concrete
  • Verification of bearing conditions for foundations

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

Uses a 6.8 kg steel mass that falls 50.8 cm to strike an anvil and cause penetration of a 3.8 cm diameter cone (45-degree vertex angle) that is seated in the bottom of a hand augered hole. CDP can be used effectively in augered holes of depths 15-20 ft.

Compaction Testing

A procedure for calculating the in-place density and moisture of earthwork through the use of a nuclear gauge. This method may be used in conjunction with either a Standard or Modified Proctor Density Test for identifying the percent of Maximum Density.

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Operations / Field Services Manager
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