Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering involves investigating and understanding conditions beneath the ground’s surface. Our geotechnical engineers assess land in order to design appropriate foundations for structures of all sizes. We are a seasoned engineering group with experience and expertise specific to the Kansas City area. Our influence can help improve the design of your foundation, make better use of your budget, and provide a higher degree of confidence that your project is being done right.

Foundation Engineering

Low, Medium, High-Rise, and Industrial Structures

  • Shallow foundation systems: spread footings, mat foundations, post-tensioned slabs
  • Intermediate foundation systems: Rammed Aggregate Piers (RAP)
  • Deep foundation systems: Drilled piers, auger cast piles, driven piling, micro-piles
  • Anchored structures

Earth Structures

  • Slope Stability including design and repair of failed slopes
  • Embankment Dams
  • Earthen embankments
  • Underground limestone mine development


Retaining Walls

  • Cantilevered
  • Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) / Modular block systems
  • Soil nails / Tieback and anchored
  • Stacked Stone

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Pavement Design

  • Rigid – Portland cement concrete
  • Flexible – Asphaltic concrete
  • Soil stabilization using fly ash or lime
  • Subgrade reinforcement using geotextiles and geogrids

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Drilling Services

Our drill rigs are all owned and operated by AOG staff and are capable of drilling holes up to 14 ¾ inches (36 cm) in diameter using hollow stem augers.

  • ATV: CME-55 (high-torque) – Low clearance capable
  • Truck-Mounted: CME-55 (high-torque); SIMCO 2800
  • Solid and hollow auger drilling
  • Mud-rotary wash bore drilling
  • Rock coring – Wire line methods, NX-size (ASTM D2113)
  • Rocking drilling – Tricone roller bit
  • Sampling: Shelby tube (ASTM D1587) and Standard Penetration Testing (ASTM D1586)
  • Pressuremeter (downhole) in-situ testing (ASTM D4719)
  • Vane Shear testing (ASTM D2573)
  • Slope Inclinometer installation, monitoring, and reporting

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Need Geotechnical or Drilling Services? Our Team is Ready to Help!

Geotechnical Department
Garic Abendroth, P.E.
Engineering Department Mgr
Direct: 913-717-4082

Drilling Department
Chuck Valenta
Field Exploration Mgr

Direct: 913-717-4083




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