Cargill Soybean Plant

Cargill, Inc. owns and operates a soybean processing and oil extraction plant in Kansas City, Missouri. In 2006, the Minnesota-based company replaced the facility with a new one that allowed them to increase processing capacity by about 57 percent, from 95,000 bushels a day to 165,000 bushels.

Cargill is located near the Missouri River so the silty soil meant there was a high risk the foundation would settle unevenly and potentially crack. To ensure this wouldn’t happen, AOG conducted 80-100 foot deep test borings and soil verification as part of our geotechnical engineering investigation.

AOG Project Services:

  • Geotechnical drilling and engineering
  • Foundation inspection, auger cast piling, spread footings, and geopiers
  • Soil verification
  • Compaction testing of soil
  • Reinforcing steel inspection
  • Concrete testing and inspection
  • Structural steel inspection
    • Bolts and welds
Bush shows a simple schematic example of a pressure meter, an essential tool for electric utility geotech work.
field samples geotech investigation
geotech drilling kansas city