Doubletree Hotel

In 2009, the Doubletree Hotel in Overland Park, Kansas had an ongoing slab settlement issue on the ground floor of the main building. They worked with the structural engineers from Krudwig and Associates to help determine the cause, and Krudwig engineers contacted us to assist in the repair.

AOG engineers suspected the clay soil beneath the building may have been improperly placed at the time of construction so we performed a sub-grade investigation under all the ground floor slabs in the main lobby, hallways, theater, large ballrooms, and in over 50 additional locations throughout the building in order to give Krudwig an accurate picture of the problem and make appropriate recommendations.

In the end, a structural foam was used to fill in voids found beneath the slab and raise it back into place.

Site exploration was completed in four phases and included:

  • Carpet removal
  • Concrete slab coring
  • Gravel and soil sample extraction
  • Laboratory testing
  • Slab repair


Krudwig and Associates

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