Route 92 Leavenworth County Bridge

The Leavenworth County Route 92 Centennial Bridge was built in 1955 and connects Leavenworth, Kansas, and Platte County, Missouri. The bridge is jointly owned and maintained by the Kansas and Missouri Departments of Transportation.

In 2011, AOG was selected to be part of the project team that worked to widen the bridge and improve critical structure fatigue. We provided early-construction drilling and engineering, mid-construction materials testing, and special inspections during roadbed construction and roadway/approach slab replacement.

Repairs were made to bridge piers, bearings, drainage, and other structural components to extend the life of the bridge.

Since then, the City of Leavenworth has been actively working with KDOT to maintain the bridge and examine options for constructing a new four-lane replacement. The State of Kansas has not agreed to fund the project and will unlikely do so in the future. Leavenworth looked into the possibility of a toll fee to help pay for the new bridge, but the Commission ultimately voted against it.

Taylour Tedder, Leavenworth’s Assistant City Manager, continues to advocate for repairs and hopefully, eventual replacement of the bridge. More info>>

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