Project Description

Smithville Water Storage Tank

When the City of Smithville, Missouri needed a higher-capacity water tank, they called HDR, who partnered with us and Caldwell Tanks, to install a commercial-grade 750,000-gallon capacity tank of water.

AOG provided geotechnical expertise during the design phase of the project to help select the site and we assisted with initial structural planning. We also performed field inspections, laboratory and material testing, observation and compliance oversight, and building inspections throughout all phases of construction.

Services Provided:

  • Geotechnical Drilling and Engineering
  • Foundation Inspection: Spread Footings
  • Soil Verification
  • Compaction Testing of Soil
  • Reinforcing Steel Inspection
  • Concrete Testing and Inspection
  • Structural Masonry Inspection
  • Structural Steel Inspection

Project Partners