In 2019, Alpha-Omega Geotech joined a mission that ignited the spirit of adventure in children and showcased the boundless potential of the construction industry. We are again proud to continue our support for Dozer Day KC this year as it makes its grand return to the Truman Sports Complex on November 4 & 5. Why are we passionate about Dozer Day? Here are five reasons that will motivate your support as well.

1. Dozer Day captures a child’s imagination.

How did you become interested in construction? Playing in the dirt as a child stirs curiosity in many of us, inspiring careers in geotechnical engineering and so many other disciplines. Dozer Day KC provides a huge creative stage to nurture that spark. It’s not just about digging in the dirt. It’s also about experiencing the excitement that comes with operating powerful machinery under professional guidance. The thrill of controlling real-world machines captivates young minds, leaving a lasting impression that can follow little ones as they grow up.

Little ones can dig in the sand and soil at Dozer Day KC. 

Older kids can step into the driver seat of exciting machinery and vehicles.

2. Dozer Day builds bridges to the future.

Dozer Day KC extends beyond the hands-on fun of playing with heavy equipment. It paves the way for children and their families to explore rewarding career paths that promise good pay. The event is designed to convey that these professions are highly skilled Trades and rooted in continuously refined craftsmanship. Professionals take pride in their work, showcasing expertise honed through years of dedication. Dozer Day paints a vivid picture of future possibilities and leaves families with something to think about in the years ahead as career choices come into focus.


3. Dozer Day encourages new talent to fill gaps in construction.

It’s no secret that the construction industry needs more skilled professionals. The demand for those who cultivate key Trades continues to rise as seasoned professionals retire. The industry is thriving, and now offers more opportunities than ever before. Dozer Day KC plays an important role in opening doors that invite a new generation of professionals to get involved.



4. Dozer Day showcases safety and comfort in construction.

Construction work’s old reputation has long faded. Safety is now paramount. Elaborate procedures and advanced equipment create far safer work environments than in past generations. Dozer Day KC highlights how heavy machinery has evolved, offering comfort and safety. Operating these machines feels like stepping into a private office equipped for excellence. Kids and their parents get a close up look at how far we’ve come and how much has changed.



5. Dozer Day is an ideal sponsorship opportunity.

Our involvement with Dozer Day KC goes beyond support. As engineers, field technicians, scientists, and passionate members of the Greater Kansas City Chapter of the National Utility Contractor Association (NUCA), we’re determined to show the way for coming generations. Our sponsorship advances the cause, and event proceeds benefit schools, charities, and other organizations focused on children. NUCA, working together with the Nutter Family Foundation and sponsors like Alpha-Omega Geotech, amounts to a powerful combination for making a mark where it truly matters.


As we prepare for this year’s Dozer Day, excitement is in the air (and the soil.) It’s about inspiring dreams, forging paths, and shaping the future. Join us on this fun journey during the first weekend of November, and together, let’s celebrate the construction industry as a community.

Learn more and get involved in this year’s Dozer Day at We’ll see you there!