1. They want to choose the right site for their project in the Kansas City area.

What are your project goals? Your build site should align with them. It’s not only a matter of where your site is located on a map in terms of traditional real estate proximities. The subgrade directly supporting the structure you’re planning can impact your budget, schedule, and stability needs significantly. Only a thorough investigation of soil, rock, water and other underground conditions at a specific site can uncover show-stopping surprises, or confirm a manageable situation. An experienced geotech team can flag conditions that are not worth managing, or define options for making the most of what you have to work with.

Above ground appearances can be misleading. Only a geotechnical investigation can clarify what’s underground.

2. They want to pinpoint an optimal foundation design.

Whether it’s time or money, efficiency matters. Landowners and developers partner with AOG from the start to take advantage of our seasoned ability to calculate solutions based on a project’s big picture. When we’re brought to the table during the design stage, it puts us in the best position to match subgrade conditions, stability needs, budget, resources and overall project goals with a custom foundation development recommendation that’s efficient and makes sense.


3. They want to avoid costly delays, safety issues, and damage down the line.

Leaping into the unknown and building a structure on land that’s not thoroughly examined, tested, and assessed, amounts to a chance few reputable landowners and developers are willing to take. No one wants to find out the hard way about significant challenges. Geotechnical engineers can identify potential construction risks and hazards lurking below the surface of the ground, and develop mitigating strategies to keep schedules and budgets on track.

Discovery and removal of buried debris fill and relic structures surrounding the old foundation.

Discovery of buried debris fill and relic structures are not uncommon, especially in industrial brownfields.

4. They want to nail compliance without worry.

It happens all the time. We get a call from a builder caught off guard by a Geotech-related code requirement that threatens to hold up timely completion of construction. We’ve been working in the Kansas City area for decades, and have an extensive knowledge of codes, standards, relationships, and regulations across the many municipalities that make up the metropolitan area. Ask anyone who’s been in a pickle with a surprise red flag at the last minute, and they’ll tell you that partnering with us from the beginning would have been a smarter way to go.

Detailed documentation from foundation development to material formulation and placement are common requirements.


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