Key Points:

  • Upgrading to digital systems gives employees advantages they seek
  • An active Web presence informs and invites interest
  • Demonstrating a ‘built to last’ mentality sends the right message

Beyond data collection and calculation technologies at the heart of Geotechnical Engineering and Special Inspections, we also recognize the role of other technologies in attracting top talent to Alpha-Omega Geotech. Here are a few ideas that guide us:

Building Digital Processes to Strengthen Work.

AOG’s deliverables inform site, design, and budget choices, and fuel the critical decision-making that gets construction projects out of the ground. We use both low tech and high tech instruments to uncover critical facts our partners and clients depend on. But meeting the demands of modern construction now requires more than the right front-line tools. It also requires better ways of processing our findings and managing the flow of our work.

Front-line tools of the trade at Alpha-Omega Geotech.

Alpha-Omega Geotech

Alpha-Omega Geotech

AOG is breaking with geotech’s age-old reliance on paper to strengthen productivity on a systems level. We’re embracing advanced digital processes to organize and focus the movement of data through our firm, and make it more accessible and actionable for our staff and the people we serve.

While other contractors continue wasting time wading through mounds of paperwork, we’re going digital in important ways, from our business office all the way to project sites in the field. We’ve adopted MetaField software to keep operational data at our fingertips and cut the amount of time we burn finding and retrieving it. MetaField allows our staff to spend more time doing the work they love rather than pushing paper. It also streamlines training and brings employees into our systems easier and faster.

And MetaField is just one example. AOG is continuously searching for better ways to integrate data into our processes. With the help of digital systems, we’re moving our workflows closer to real-time and taking big steps toward eliminating miscommunications, backtracking, and other frustrations that continue to plague workers and their clients at other firms.

Simplicity and mobility are essentials, too. High-tech digital systems are nice to have, but steep learning curves and difficult hardware configurations are not realistic. We’re making a priority of implementing systems that are user-friendly and flexible enough to feed right into the mobile phones, tablets, and desktops our staff already use. We recognize that mobility is paramount for top talent, and empowers them to do their best work without excessive restrictions or dependencies, whether it’s at the office or in the field.

Streamlined workflows from the office to the field on mobile devices.

Connecting To A Modern Talent Pool.

Where do you find the best geotech talent? Like most people, they live, work and play on the Web. When it comes to hunting for their next career step, they go online to do their homework. Top talent investigate their options, especially in a tight labor market, and gravitate to employers that make a good impression. They want to sense a good match before filling out an application. At AOG, we’re used to job candidates showing up to interviews already knowing a lot about our work, our projects, and our clients.

We don’t just hang our hat on a Google business listing to make our first impression. AOG welcomes Web opportunities to demonstrate what makes our firm unique and appealing. Our website is designed to communicate what our clients and prospective employees need to know. And we keep it fresh with a constant flow of project case studies and blog content highlighting our expertise, experiences, and thought leadership.

AOG also digs into social media. We leverage multiple channels to introduce ourselves to prospective employees and extend our firm’s active participation in the local construction scene. We routinely offer perspective in timely industry conversations, show support for our partners, and explore insights presented by other construction businesses and organizations.

Sending a ‘Built to Last’ Message.

A firm that’s intentionally built to last is a good place to build a career that evolves and thrives. That’s a big reason why we’re positioning AOG to embrace change and not simply keep up with the times. We’re passionate about shaping the future of construction in Kansas City rather than just going along for the ride.

We understand that embracing change means cultivating all aspects of a forward thinking culture including the technological landscape. Our Geotechnical Engineering, Special Inspections and related skills will always anchor our value, but how we operationalize our expertise and empower our workforce will mark our overall evolution as a company.

You can expect us to stay focused on doing whatever it takes to improve and grow AOG to create the right conditions for ambitious geotech professionals. And we’re confident that modernizing the way we work on a backbone of digital technologies sends the right message to talented people ready to make their mark.

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