AOG is growing and that made Dave Flessner a perfect fit to help manage business development opportunities coming our way. Dave immediately knew he had arrived at the right place.

“It’s really been exciting since day one,” says Flessner. “I enjoy making the rounds to meet clients and project partners, and it’s just great hearing their perspectives. Some AOG relationships go back decades. There are so many stories!”

Relationships are what it’s all about for Flessner and the work he tackles at AOG. He’s a pro at understanding construction businesses and the people behind the projects. Flessner brings a wealth of experience in architecture, engineering, and construction to the table. He has a talent for lining up the right resources to get things done.

“I’m an engineer and a big people person. I think ‘big picture’ like a business owner but execute like a project manager, down to the details. I have a background in building and understand how it all works, so I easily connect with clients as well as our internal team at AOG.”

Flessner says seeing the world through a client’s perspective has always come naturally to him, and his role at AOG puts him in a prime position to make an impact. “You have to put yourself in the client’s shoes and that means asking probing questions to find out what they need to succeed and then quarterbacking a team to deliver success. I like helping people and seeing projects move forward.”

“I’ve known Dave for years,” says AOG President Allan Bush. “His seasoned expertise is a great addition to our team. We’re busy and focused on the smart growth of our business. Dave makes a key difference.”

Building on Momentum

Bush looks to Flessner to help forge a strategic path into the future. Smart growth is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s about developing a comprehensive view of the landscape and cultivating the right relationships and opportunities over time to lead you exactly where you want to go. Flessner says AOG’s reputation is a powerful springboard.

“It’s so encouraging to talk to clients and hear them sing praises. They don’t always know a whole lot about how AOG does what it does in terms of geotechnical engineering and special inspections, but what they do know is AOG can be trusted. It sets us apart, and it’s a huge advantage. You know you’re in good hands with us.”

Flessner says AOG is seen as a collaborative team of knowledgeable engineers that takes the worry out of the work equation. He says clients put a lot of value in the peace of mind that comes with our services. They know we’re going to deliver high quality and good reporting that gives them confidence.

“We have a strong reputation for making specialized work simple. We do it very well, on time and on budget,” explains Flessner. “Relationships with AOG are rewarding — period. My goal is making more of those relationships, and getting the word out about the extraordinary quality of our work and how it can improve the overall quality of work on construction projects.”

Dave speaks at industry events and is known in construction circles around Kansas City.

A Diverse Career Path Leads to an Ideal Destination

Flessner’s extensive collaborative experience over the years makes him especially capable. A history of working in a wide variety of settings goes a long way in helping him raise awareness of the value of geotech and rally more players in the construction industry around it.

“I’ve been in all kinds of circumstances that challenged and sharpened my relationship and communication skills. I’ve even worked within teams made up of people from different cultures and languages that forced me to leverage universal things like technology and math to create common ground and bridge understanding. Regardless of the work or who’s involved, you just have to find a way to break through and get people pulling in the same direction.”

Indeed, Flessner’s career has included collaborative achievements across several industries ranging from broadcast and consumer electronics to manufacturing and healthcare. Much of his effort has been focused on practical business development primarily in design and construction, which has given him substantial exposure to geotech.

“I was in a leadership position at an architectural firm with offices in multiple states and developed a pipeline of new business that kept over a hundred architects busy. I’m not a geotech engineer but I do understand it and how it unlocks projects and why that’s meaningful for architects and builders. I’ve actually helped hire geotech firms in the past by working with project planners to determine geotech needs and analyzing value and expertise at different geotech firms.”

We’re a tight bunch at AOG and Dave is a natural fit. His skills and style align nicely with our team and he says he couldn’t feel more welcome.

“Everyone is just so open and friendly. They appreciate how I can help and they’re ready to work with me. I love how much my role is being embraced but I’m probably most thankful for the high level of integrity at AOG. That’s pretty rare. These are good people who believe in doing things right. It’s just the way they are.”

Dave coordinated AOG’s participation in the Dozer Days career building event in 2023.

He certainly shares our love of all things Kansas City after decades of living here and sums up the distinct pleasure of the experience rather perfectly. “I always say KC offers midwestern values with southern hospitality. A perfect combination.”

Of course, he’s a fan of local barbecue too and enjoys cycling, hiking, seriously working out and occasionally singing in a rock band. So if you see him around, don’t be shy. Dave’s as easy to talk to as you might expect and we’re glad to have him at AOG.

“I choose my career opportunities carefully and it’s just wonderful to now be in a place where I have it all. I’m happy, fit right in and make a real difference.”

If you have a project on the horizon or just want to better understand how trust in Alpha-Omega Geotech translates to value for builders all over Kansas City, give Dave Flessner a call at 913-433-3623.