As more and more soccer and multipurpose athletic fields dot the landscape across Greater Kansas City, builders are learning that it pays to put together the right team right from the start of every project. Geotechnical engineers experienced in the demands of premium turf facilities are an essential part of any field development effort. Here are 5 signs that you’ve chosen the right partner for the job.

#1 They Understand Their Role in the Bigger Picture

Even a seemingly simple field construction project can run into all sorts of snags in the unknowns beneath the surface, and sometimes difficult choices must be made. Geotech engineers are squarely focused on evaluating the soil to determine what’s possible and those with more experience always optimize their work with the project’s bigger picture in mind.

Good geotech partners are sensitive to the fact that soil issues can cost a general contractor time and money, and will work with urgency to find the right path forward. They know that getting up and ‘out of the ground’ in the best way possible unlocks a project’s potential, and they carry out the responsibility with a clear understanding of larger project goals and boundaries.

Alpha-Omega Geotech engineers discuss their approach in the field.

Alpha-Omega Geotech engineers discuss their approach in the field.

#2 They Embrace the Project’s Mission

The role of geotechnical engineering in athletic field construction isn’t just another box to check on a process timeline. The best geotech partners pay close attention to their customers to fully understand what they’re trying to achieve beyond the nuts and bolts of the project. Engineers should be motivated by the opportunity to solve problems and fulfill a purpose, not just deliver services.

Seasoned engineers will know how to strike a practical balance between high-quality solutions and affordability. Projects benefiting schools or nonprofits can be especially budget-sensitive. Geotech partners should share their customer’s sense of responsibility in spending every dollar wisely and crafting solutions that align with their customer’s focus on making a difference for the community.

Alpha-Omega Geotech

Alpha-Omega Geotech engineering

#3 They Don’t Look at Athletic Fields as Quick Paychecks

Whether the goal is constructing a single playing field or many fields and surrounding structures, a geotech partner should approach every project as a unique, evolving challenge. Experienced engineers will consider their initial site evaluation as a starting point for the application of their expertise.

Engineers who share a build team’s goals will remain open to exploring different options and uncovering possibilities as the project unfolds. They’ll be eager to refine their recommendations based on any new findings along the way. An engineer who seems anxious to write a report and walk away might not be providing the value your project deserves.

Installing premium turf and perfecting the supporting subgrade is a careful process.

Installing premium turf and perfecting the supporting sub-grade is a careful process.

#4 They Thrive on Collaborating to Produce Better Work

When a design-build team first comes together to collaborate on a plan, the demands they place on the land can quickly pile up. Civil engineers, for example, may face hard realities in terms of drainage and other basic issues that can impact the rest of the project. A geotech partner should be involved as early as possible to help map out smart strategies during the planning stage that prioritize and coordinate competing requirements.

Geotech partners will need to match their investigation of the land with input from the team to find the best solutions. Engineers with a long track record will have a sharp eye for identifying time and cost efficiencies. Geotech partners who stay in close contact with a build team can boost the team’s collective work and offer a perspective that enhances the performance of individual team members.

Geotech engineers can help a build team make better decisions. Photo courtesy: Straub Construction.

Geotech engineers can help a build team make better decisions. Photo courtesy: Straub Construction.

#5 They Stick Around as Long as it Takes

While much of a geotech partner’s work may be finished when construction begins to hum along at an athletic field site, their expertise can continue to be valuable. A project isn’t finished until it’s completely finished. Until then, the unexpected is always possible. A reliable geotech partner remains responsive, even in the latter stages of construction.

Engineers should be only a phone call away when circumstances change and additional guidance is needed. Surprises can pop up in the soil, such as unusual objects that might shift or collapse and threaten the ground’s stability. And construction crews might need perspective on how to proceed when changing weather changes ground conditions.

Alpha Omega Geotech Engineers

Alpha Omega Geotech engineers

Working with Alpha-Omega Geotech ensures a good partnership throughout an athletic field construction project. In addition to our extensive experience in this kind of work, we’ve literally built our company around strong partnerships. We are known for working with architects and engineers on the design side of a project, the ‘Alpha’, all the way through the completion of all components we touch, the ‘Omega.’ Close collaboration isn’t just our specialty, it’s good business.

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