Choosing the right geotechnical engineering partner for your industrial project in Kansas City matters more than you may think. Each project is different, and pinpointing the smartest solutions draws on a certain set of strengths combined with hard-earned local experience. Here’s why that makes a valuable difference.

You Get What Works, Not Just What Works For Us.

Sometimes the best way to meet an industrial construction challenge is to go the extra mile, but not every geotechnical firm is built for the journey. A firm’s own rigid, corporate policies can get in the way of the hunt for optimal solutions, and the result is missed opportunities to do a better overall job.

Our engineers are not confined by overly conservative guardrails geared for protecting business practices. We put all aspects of a project on the table to develop strategies tailored for broader achievement. Good engineering is good engineering  — period. All reputable geotech firms always put solid science and construction practices first. However, the trained eye of a seasoned engineer can see additional paths forward as well, and multiple layers of success.

AOG engineers build an understanding of business priorities on top of a project’s engineering needs, taking into account key factors in the eyes of project owners and construction partners. We’re champions of balancing risk with performance, carefully weighing budgets, timing and other important realities. While other firms view projects through a cookie-cutter lens and stick to run-of-the-mill recommendations, we step back and examine the bigger picture and all of its unique circumstances. That’s what it takes to customize rock-solid solutions also designed to make the best use of time, money, and resources.

alpha-omega geotech kansas cityExperienced collaboration brings a 360 view of each project into focus at Alpha-Omega Geotech.

We Understand Industrial Needs.

Many industrial production facilities use equipment that can rattle every inch of the facility. Powerful tools and processes pound out results day in and day out, constantly putting the strength and durability of foundations and building structures to the test. The impact of operations within each facility is unique, and often requires the support of customized construction, with no room for error. Our advanced understanding of Kansas City’s subgrade and our experience engineering it to withstand the forces of the industry puts custom solutions directly in our strike zone.

For example, warehouse and distribution centers that are now building the local supply chain boom look to us for the proper construction of concrete floors with precise flatness ratings. They know that ensuring the smooth movement of vehicles and other machines across tens of thousands of square feet is something that can’t be left to chance. Manufacturers also depend on us to ensure foundations and floors stand up to workhorse conditions and maintain the steady performance of sophisticated equipment.

concrete testing warehouses kansas cityConstructing a concrete floor in preparation for high-pressure stamping operations at Ford’s Claycomo plant.

Other industrial facilities trust our guidance in the carefully synchronized positioning of huge precast tilt panel walls, and the pouring of precise concrete mixtures to form the floors that support them. And it takes our deep understanding of local soil all the way down to bedrock to develop foundations that won’t sink or crack from the vibration of gigantic industrial machines and motors. The list of special industrial facility needs is long and grows longer all the time.

geotechnical engineering kansas cityExact positioning of every massive wall at Meritex Lenexa Executive Park.

geotechnical engineers warehouse construction kansas cityAlpha-Omega Geotech

cracking foundation commercial construction kansas citySigns of trouble — cracks can form and spread from relentless industrial vibrations if foundations are not up to the job.

We Know Kansas City’s Subgrade.

Our leadership consists of veteran experts who have some of the longest track records in Kansas City. We’ve been working in local soil for decades, digging into everything from refined particle testing to massive earth-moving events. Our focus has always been on each job we take on, not churning out reports to fortify a volume portfolio. We thrive on challenging and unusual situations that prompt other geotech firms to bow out.

Our emphasis on special inspections continuity makes us a go-to firm as well. Inspections are not something we just hand off to anyone. Our field technicians are a critical part of our ability to craft custom solutions at industrial sites. AOG engineers work closely with our field techs as one team bonded by trust and the free flow of real-time communication around changing conditions and touch-and-go adjustments. Our field techs don’t just relay information, they actively work with our engineers to validate every detail of the construction process that delivers our solutions.

Blake Bennett, GM, Alpha-Omega GeotechAOG Business Director Blake Bennett is known for his special inspections expertise.

It’s not surprising that we gravitate to experienced construction partners who are also unintimidated by the complexities of industrial projects. Beyond conducting standard geotechnical investigations and authoring recommendations in isolation, we invest ourselves in meaningful collaboration. 

Our knowledge of Kansas City area soil speeds up big picture planning upfront and informs quick recalibration when circumstances change during construction. Project teams who know exactly what they’re doing also know they can count on us to uncover hidden opportunities and better thinking.

soil testing geotechnical engineers kansas cityAlpha-Omega Geotech

Achieving the level of quality we’re known for is a product of all the work we’ve put into connecting the skilled contributions of our entire AOG team. Together, we form a better fit for industrial projects and deliver a clear advantage at build sites across Kansas City.

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